Friday, October 05, 2007

It's Hard To Remember....10/7

...that the objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your butt in alligators....

MY problems aren't the problem, merely the symptom. (Lord, that took a bit to say it.) The manifestation of Essent's attitude first impacted staff, then patients, and now the community. Obviously, I was not the first--Holly was. And there are plenty of examples of the staff's treatment.

But what about patients? Rumor has it that Essent is sweating this last incident, and that a case is being talked around.

Have you noticed that several healthcare corporations have been purchased in the last year...and we know that Essent is being shopped out. So why hasn't it been bought?

No matter what you may think, it isn't the blog. Again, merely the symptom, not the cause.

Merrimack Valley Hospital $-1,498,033
Nashoba Valley Medical Center $860,296
Sharon Hospital $1,467,558
Southwest Regional Medical Center$-212,615
Paris Regional Medical Center $288,275*

So, investors have a ROI of less than a million on what kind of investment? Sounds like the Out-Patient Surgical Center here.... You be the judge....

*figures from


Anonymous said...

Frank...If the appeal fails and Suddenlink releases your name and the hospital sues you, I assume that your defense attorney will use the discovery process to reveal any and all problems and complaints that have happened in our hospital (with the names redacted). No doubt there will be members of the community that will be available to testify about conditions and problems that they and their loved ones experienced in the facility. If this were to happen, it possibly might cast an unfavorable light on the management of this hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hud can't think that far ahead. Paris Regional Medical Center claims their "reputation has been defamed". Don't you have to have a good reputation before it can be defamed?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Essent secure loans for close to $200,000,000? A .5% return? What do the corporate investors think? Explain that to the Fund managers!

Anonymous said...

Today's phrase, kids, is "rinky-dink". We use it to describe less-than-first-class things, such as, say, mediocre football teams or corporations.

Kinda like, oh, let's say, Essent.

If you don't believe me, look at their bottom line- talk about a crappy rate of return on investment. If I had a broker who invested my money in stocks with such a lousy ROI, I'd fire the broker.

But as the Iraqi Information Minister-oops, I mean Essent's spokesflunkies- tell us, all is well.........

Anonymous said...

This may be stupid, but what if Frank's internet service isn't with Suddenlink?

Anonymous said...

>>>>This may be stupid, but what if Frank's internet service isn't with Suddenlink?
10:39 PM<<<<

Now wouldn't that be a hoot?