Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Board--4/22

I don't know exactly where to post this - but it must be said:
We are giving E$$ent all the credit for the straight running crap that has and is taking place since "Hud" came to Lamar county.

One wonders - what about Hud's "Board of Directors?" Are these not local "folks" with a sincere interest in our community?

I am led to believe one of two things: they are either blind - or integrity is a word with which they are unfamiliar. Does any one else have any thoughts on this?

That was from an email, but I had thoughts when they recommended Essent over HCA, and the recommendation apparently was on the basis of two things:
1. HCA wanted to disband the board.
2. The board membership is now 'compensated.'

I really feel better knowing that a retired football coach is on the board that determines my healthcare alternatives. Are the others equally as qualified? One only wonders....

Corporations have been jumping on the board of directors bandwagon for years--that's how the executives get the exorbitant salaries, and how board members get paid...despite not attending meetings.

Where is the outrage? Isn't there plenty when Congress votes itself a pay raise?

Hospital boards should be representing the community. When was the last time you saw a solicitation from a board member for input from the community? Probably the last time you saw a suggestion box in the hospital....


fac_p said...

Sorry about the original quality of the post (misspellings, pictures changing, and so on), but on the original, the sidebar and title went away for the whole blog when I tested it. Hopefully, I figured what caused it to dump.

The person that sent in the comment that triggered it was undoubtedly wondering what happened to it as well.

But, it is a good topic, more locally accessed than Hud, and probably more that we can do to make our ire known.

I'm sure that some well meaning individual will publish the current listing of board members(and possibly phone numbers) in the future...possibly even email addresses....

Anonymous said...

How many pieces of silver does it take to sell a community down the river? Interesting that it's getting close to Easter.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how much the board is being compensated for their so-called community service.

Anonymous said...

A more interesting question is, where will the board be when the lawsuits hit. If they are being paid for their so called "services (more like disservice) will they too be responsible for the ensuing lawsuits. They should be in my opinion, they are as culpable as the current Administration. If they were more concerned with our local healthcare than their pockets, we wouldn't have the growing healthcare problems we have now. AND by the way, where the heck is Andrew and mob, sure don't see any scrambling to aright the PR mess they've got on their hands. Granted we know they truly don't give a darn, but they aren't even trying to hide it now! A professor once said to me, "When the upper tiers of management become top heavy and grossly overpaid, it is time to find a new place to work." Truer words were never uttered. Essent is a prime example of it. Reduce the staff, bring in lower paid employees (never mind the experience levels involved) and add a few extra centavos to our wallets as well. AND I sure don't see Essent making any leaps and bounds on cutting edge technology here in Paris. Nope, that would rob the coffers, they only spend money on their little radio/billboard/menu ads........I am sooooo very impressed. "Your emergency is our emergency." WHAT A JOKE, as if they REALLY care. I would have more belief in a Carnival employee than anything Essent would try to sell me!

Anonymous said...

Back to the comment of suggestion boxes... is there even any around the hospital???? I myself have not seen one yet!!!!

The administration is probably so embarrassed to even get a few hints of new suggestions that could better this facility. Suggestion boxes should be a great idea of letting people know their opinions--if only actions would be taken by admin.

I don’t believe that they even care about the horse manure that is said about the admin.... becuz they know its ALL TRUE!!!!!! This place sucks more everyday and it will be a miracle to see how many people really stay.

It's just a matter of time b4 the RAD department goes under. Like someone has said, a few months and they will see the decline in studies being performed like they have already.

The poor nurses, D*MN, getting wrong pt’s H/P in the wrong pt’s chart.... noticed on more than one occasion. What the H E double HOCKS is going on up there. A little common sense could solve this problem.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to this place, but ADMINISTRATION and MANAGERS better start giving in and paying more attention to suggestions being brought up... and from what I hear... a great deal is from the community… not just the faculty.... THAT IS VERY VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They haven't had suggestion forms since about 4 months prior to the sale. Guess they were getting ready for E$$ent.

When you know it all, there is no reason for suggestions....

Decline in rad studies, funny you should bring that up...the hospital shot itself in the foot with that one, they had intended to build their facility over by Grossnickle's office, but with the time crunch, they had to buy an existing structure: Casa Ole. And gee, amazing that it is right out front and center. They couldn't have picked a much better location for the exposure, and access.

PRMC, if you wanted to hurt them, you really did the pooch on that one! Heck, some people didn't know that it existed. Now, they would have to be blind...and Dr.R.G. can take care of that...and it's close!

Anonymous said...

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

Aldous Huxley

Anonymous said...

"A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves."


Anonymous said...

I just saw in the Paris News, where we have a CNN corespondant, living here among us.

Does anyone have any ties? Jim Bitterman is his name. He spoke to the Rotary Club.

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

eyempissed said...

Board members are compensated!!?? Say it ain't so! There goes any shred of respect one might have for them - or any self-respect they may have. Hey, I wonder if they all the receive the same amout? I wonder if they got a 1% raise like the worker bees? Perhaps they should pursue this to see who gets the biggest piece of the pie? Could it be Mrs P? or Coah S? Hmmm, one wonders.

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that community leaders would sit on a board and be paid for their stamp of approval on whatever Hud and the boys place in front of them. I bet they wouldn't sit long if they didn't rubber stamp whatever they are supposed to. I also bet they never see any of the financial data from the hospital, that's reserved for the investors only. The whole thing makes me want to puke!

Anonymous said...

I just saw in the Paris News, where we have a CNN corespondant, living here among us. 8:16PM post.

I say why not at least send him the blogsite address if at all possible.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem to be listed in the book, however, some enterprising sole might need to print off one or two of these posts w/comments and send them, should they know where he lives....

Anonymous said...

Does it ever just blow your mind, how so many people of Paris are so blind.

I used to be--and happier because of it probably.

There are so many people here, who does not think there is a drug problem in this town. They will say, my kid has never touched drugs, don't smoke don't drink, is a virgin etc.......

How do they know. Are they with them all of the time? I'll bet you think they don't pick their bugers when no one is watching either.

It's the same way with the hospital. I don't think the board has a clue what kind of shape we are in.

When the drug test--pregnancy test-- JCAHO report comes back with some negative info--its time to open your eyes and face the issues.

It's amazing--I thought if we passed JCAHO, that we must be doing good--but that's not what our report card shows. We may have made a C by the skin of our teeth--but that doesn't mean we know how to read.

I guess there is some truth to ignorance is bliss.

Blanco said...

I linked this site to my personal website...found this comment on it today that I thought I would share!

"The majority of those people are bashing the hospital, and I am backing those people!
All that that hospital wants is MONEY!!! WTF!!
What ever happened to customer service???
Well I know what happened to it! It went right down some toilet and everyone is too afraid to risk everything to take it out!!!
We NEED the nuns back!
E$$ent needs to GO!!!
We need to give them a boot print on their butts and slam the door!! See ya, won't miss ya!!
TTYL Danielle"

Now...doesn't that about sum it up?

Woot said...

Still waiting to be told just exactly how much the board members are being paid to stab the citizens of Paris in the back....

Anonymous said...

Who are the board members?

Anonymous said...


Excerpted from

"W. Hudson Connery Jr., president and chief executive officer of Essent Healthcare, Inc., has announced the appointment of 10 persons to the Board of Trustees of Paris Regional Medical Center. Others, he added, may be named later.

Community members of the board include Bobby Walters, Gene Stallings, Ken Rogers and Jo Ann Parkman, while the medical staff is represented by Clarence Temple, M.D., William DeG. Hayden, M.D., and Terrence Babcock, M.D. Steven Graves, M.D., chief of staff, will also sit as an ex-officio member of the board. Representing Essent Healthcare is Joe Pinion, Essent's chief operating officer, and Bill Heburn, interim CEO of Paris Regional Medical Center."

I realize this list is two years old, but that's all I could find."

Same here, but one would guess that Andrew and Browder or Schonert from corporate would be the Essent replacements. With Babcock leaving and Clarence retiring, I have no idea who replaced them. The ones to concentrate on would be Bobby Walters, Gene Stallings, Ken Rogers and Jo Ann Parkman, our "community leaders" as well as the docs--on the basis of integrety...fac_p

gprimo said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Being a former resident of Paris and a current physician practicing elsewhere, I follow your discussion with interest. Your debate is classic and recurrent. Many towns are facing your delemna, namely, who will care for us?
There are 2 types of hospital, and only 2. There are for-profit and not-for-profit. Your hospital is for profit. If you want different results, and a different set of problems, get your not-for-profit status back. This will restore better community ties, but believe me, no better control. Further, the best way to achieve a better relationship is participation in the facility. This is impossible with a for profit institution. At least, with the not-for you will have a bigger sense of pride. I watch with interest.

gprimo said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I practice medicine in another town and am formally from Paris. I find this discourse typical and confounding. Basically, there are 2 types of hospital, for profit and not for profit. Yours is a for profit hospital. Unfortunately, they are about making a profit. Doing so seems counter-intuitive in a town that has always been used to not for profit status. Your frustration is built around this. If you wish it to change, you will likely have to return to not for profit. This will require a lot of money and expertise. The latter is fairly easy, the former more difficult. I follow with interest.

Anonymous said...

For-profit is one thing. Toyota is for-profit, but they look at their employees as a valuable resource, a 'capital expenditure' rather than a 'petty cash'.

A lot of us have worked for for-profits, and they can be more responsive and have better working conditions than not-for's. Just depends on the head boy...we're doomed.