Wednesday, November 23, 2005

In-fighting in the Medical Community

Red River Valley Radiology Associates, one of the hospital's most consistant tenants, is being evicted, according to one of the radiologists.

They've not just said that they were not going to renew their lease, they are attempting to vacate it and the building of its tenants.

Possibly it's the pressure of competition, since RRVR has managed to keep fully qualified staff, while the hospital's radiology program has suffered an almost complete turnover since the purchase by Essent. Currently the hospital is desperately searching for a registered vascular sonographer, since their one and only has quit. Regulations require the hospital to have one on staff in order to bill for vascular exams, a large source of revenue for any hospital.

Since Essent has taken over, the hospital has lost their two main CT technicians, two nuclear medicine techs, two sono techs, and various other experienced x-ray personnel. They have replaced them with students fresh from classes, some not even registered to perform the exams that they attempt.

Red River, on the other hand, has maintained a consistancy that chacterizes a family business.

The hospital has recently established a policy of salary compression--essentially saying that a nurse with 20 years of experience has no more worth than that with 15...which caused another exodus of experienced nursing staff...driving some of the physicians to screaming fits during rounds. (Not quite screaming, medical professionals would never do that....)

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Anonymous said...

The nurse exodus has started again--the two week notice has expired and ICU/ER nurses are scattering